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Hans Skotte, MArch, PhD, MNAL

Professor Emeritus in International Planning Studies/Sustainable Urban Development at the Department of Urban Design and Planning, Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway

After a career as architect and project manager also on the international arena, Skotte returned to academia to investigate how international NGOs and GOs contributed to the recovery of poor societies ravaged by war, resulting in a much quoted PhD. He continued by investigating how private land claims, justified by the ‘sacrifice of war’, affects the urban development of Sarajevo. It turned out to follow similar urbanization patterns as before the war, thus coining the term “the Persistence of Practice”. Practice has thus become a key epistemological issue in his teaching of architecture and planning, deeply affecting the structure of his international courses in the Global South, and domestic architectural courses. He publishes nationally and internationally, primarily on architecture and recovery studies but more recently on teaching and learning. Prof. Skotte sits on advisory boards for international university programs and academic journals.

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